Scrap Metal Baler

Front Ejection
scrap metal bale machine Y81Q-80C scrap metal recycling baler Y81Q-80C scrap baling machinery Y81Q-135B waste metal recycling baler Y81Q-135B scrap metal baling machinery YE81Q-135B scrap baler compactor YE81Q-135B metal baler compactor YE81Q-135D scrap baling equipment YE81Q-135D scrap baling plant Y81Q-200 scrap metal baler compactor Y81Q-200 scrap metal baling plant YE81Q-200 waste metal baler compactor YE81Q-200 scrap metal baling equipment YR81Q-200
Side Ejection
metal baler machine Y81T-125A scrap baler machine YE81T-125A scrap metal hydraulic press YE81T-125A waste metal baler machine Y81T-125B scrap press machine Y81T-125B scrap metal baler machine YE81T-125B scrap hydraulic press YE81T-125B scrap metal press machine YE81T-125B scrap baling machine YE81T-125D hydraulic baler press YE81T-125D scrap bale press YE81T-125D waste metal compactor Y81T-160A scrap bale machine Y81T-160A waste metal baler YE81T-160A scrap metal bale press YE81T-160A scrap metal compactor Y81T-160B scrap metal baler YE81T-160B hydraulic baling press YE81T-160B metal baling machine YE81T-200A metal compactor Y81T-200B metal baler YE81T-200B scrap compactor Y81T-200C scrap baler YE81T-200C hydraulic baling machine YE81T-200C hydraulic baler machine YE81T-250C
Turn Bale
scrap metal baling machine Y81F-125C waste metal baling machine YE81F-125D scrap baler press YE81F-125G metal baler press YE81F-160A scrap metal baler press YE81F-160B waste metal baler press YE81F-160C scrap baling press YE81F-200A metal baling press YE81F-200B scrap metal baling press YE81F-200F waste metal baling press YR81F-250BS scrap recycling baler YR81F-250BSL metal recycling baler YE81F-250B

About us

    Jiangsu Huahong Technology Stock Co., Ltd. (Soochow Baling Machinery Ltd.) is reputed enterprise in recycling machinery industry, and specialist of hydraulic equipments, and largest production base of hydraulic baling & cutting machines in China, as well as in Asia.

    Huahong has 980 workers at present, among them over 200 are technicians, 90 are engineers or senior engineers. Huahong total assets amount to 260 million Yuan (38 million U.S. Dollars), total area 120,000 m2, among them 74,000 m2 are buildings. There are 6 main workshops organized under 5 sections, more than 300 sets of production equipments including: heavy-duty floor-type boring-milling machines, milling planers, numerically-controlled lathes, NC flame cutting machines, NC machining centers, deep hole boring machines, etc. Testing equipments include digital ultrasonic detector, direct-reading spectrum analyzer, etc.

    Huahong products mainly are hydraulic machines, now developed into 4 categories (baling, cutting, shredding & compaction) and 12 series, covering recycling of ferrous & non-ferrous metal scrap, discarded automobiles, paper & plastics, municipal waste, etc, also covering baling of textiles, briquetting & compaction of special materials. Up to now, Huahong has production capacity of 8000 sets of medium-to-large sized hydraulic machines annually.

    Over the years, Huahong had won trust & support of customers with long experience in design & production, strong technical power, strict quality control, swift & efficient after-sale service. Local market coverage rate took a long lead over the competitors; the products were sold to 5 continents, over 50 countries & regions. 2008 sales volume 600 million Yuan (88 million U.S. Dollars), among them exports nearly 18 million U.S. Dollars.

    Looking forward to the future, Huahong expects to cooperate with you for greater achievements.